Evaldas Juska

Systems & Software Engineer, Lead


I'm a skilled, self-motivated and independent individual who enjoys taking on challenges, solving hard problems and building big systems whether in a team or alone. I have over 8 years of relevant experience with increasing responsibilities, mostly as systems and software engineer in the field of High Energy Physics. I also have coordination and leadership abilities and have lead a number of time-critical projects with good results. I enjoy doing ad hoc consultancy work when people get stuck at hard problems and I've been doing a lot of that throughout my career.


Software Design

I like how simple and reusable pieces can make up systems capable of solving complex problems. Abstraction is another key player in this game.

Problem Solving

I really do enjoy solving problems and helping others in doing so. I find it interesting to step out of my knowledge boundaries, learn new topics and take on challenges that many would leave alone.

Team/Project Leading

I can delegate tasks to others and supply training when needed. Most of the time I can see the big picture and don't drift too far away from real needs or get stuck on details. I am capable of decision making, project planning and progress tracking and reporting.


  • Java EE (JPA, JSF, JAXB, etc..)
  • C/C++
  • SCADA Systems / CANbus
  • Linux / Shell scripts / Python
  • Git / SVN / CVS
  • Databases, SQL
  • Data analytics
  • Complex Event Processing
  • Web Application Servers
  • Web Serivce Protocols
  • Electronics Firmware Design
  • Software-Hardware Interfacing
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Distributed Computing


Texas A&M University

Research Engineer

2016 onwards

In this position I am working on firmware and software design and implementation for Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) and Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) data acquisition systems as well as CSC operations coordination. I am also collaborating with other engineers and researchers in TAMU and other universities and institutions, participating in related tasks.

  • Cathode Strip Chambers (CSC): Operations Manager, Detector Control System (DCS) development and support, Expert System development and support, R&D for CSC FED system upgrade
  • Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM): high throughput and low latency backend electronics firmware and associated software design, implementation, performance testing and deployment. Evaluation of new technologies suitable for future use

Fermilab (based at CERN)

Software Engineer, later also Operations Manager

2008 - 2016

Whilst in this position I've lead and been involved in a number of different projects within the Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) System of the CMS detector, which is one of the two biggest detectors at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. CSC is responsible for detecting, triggering on and recording Muons in the endcap region of CMS.

  • I started with and later took ownership of the Distributed Control System (DCS) which monitors and controls thousands of electronics boards and all the supporting infrastructure (high voltage and low voltage power supplies, cooling, gas) and aggregates all that information into an intuitive user interface.
  • I co-founded and worked on the CSC Expert System project. It's an integration and automation tool which collects huge amounts of debug data coming from many sources and uses Complex Event Processing to correlate and aggregate events and act on them according to an expert defined logic. It has eliminated the need for a lot of error prone operator actions and has improved overall efficiency of the system (see publications section for more info).
  • In the last three years I have also been involved in mid-level management acting as Operations Manager (first as a deputy), where my main duty is to make sure that our detector is always in good shape and taking quality physics data during LHC runs. This is a very broad definition and mainly involves coordination and consulting type of work with many groups, engineers, and researchers involved in various parts of the system (hardware, firmware, software).
  • During the shutdown period of the LHC I was responsible for setting up a QA lab and coordinating commissioning work of a major upgrade project, which was also time-critical.
  • During the last year I got involved in the Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) project, which is a new type of triggering Muon detector to be installed in CMS at the end of 2016. Mostly I have been doing consultation type of work regarding software and hardware integration to CMS as well as hands-on software and firmware programming.


Software Developer


I started as a software developer in GIS department (Geographic Information Systems) and got involved in the design and implementation of an interesting European Commission funded 2 year long project called GEOMIND (www.geomind.eu), which deals with publishing, search and purchasing of geophysical data within the European Union. Later I became the team lead of a group of 5-6 developers working on this project.


CSC Expert System

Integration and automation tool which collects huge amounts of debug data coming from many sources and uses Complex Event Processing to correlate and aggregate events and act on them according to an expert defined logic.

  • 2013 - Article in the Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research magazine
  • 2012 - Poster at the International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physic (CHEP)


Vilnius University - Lithuania

B.S. in Informatics (Computer Science)

Other Interests

Startup / Hacking with smart people





Paragliding, Diving, Skying, Motorcycles, Traveling, Camping, Music

Evaldas Juska — http://evaldas.infoevaldas.juska@cern.ch — +41 75 411 11 57